Last Days

The Last Days. The End Times. The End of the World. The Apocalypse. Images race through our minds of disasters, wars, starving people, hoards of desperate people, cannibals, zombies, disease, and finally death. The images are lodged there from watching those short “trailers” that show a glimpse of an upcoming movie, or watching the movies, or reading the books. Apocalypse to us means: Disaster is coming! Collapse is coming! Wars! Disease! If this were narrated in a video you were watching on YouTube, in the background you’d hear the Doors singing, “This is the End. . .” and you’d see mushroom clouds and refugees marching slowly off screen, carrying what’s left of their worldly goods. Our minds are made up for us. We have been prepared to see the Apocalypse in a particular way. It is The End of the World. The finish to all that we’ve accomplished here on Earth. . . unless. . . unless there is someone to intervene, someone to save us. Thus, as usually is the case in the movie or books, a hero emerges from the sea of common humanity; out of the chaos comes order. Bravo! Applause! The Earth is saved. We all live happily ever after.

Hummmm. You think? Think about it. Lord willin’ I shall be back on Friday. Until then, Lord Bless, Keep, and Shine gently upon y’all.

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