Last Days (2)

Continuing on. I’ve been giving more thought to the way we perceive “The Last Days.” I mentioned media in general, both print and movies forging our perceptions of the Apocalypse. I’ll come back to this later, and include some specific movies and other’s views on the subject. Today, I want to mention another area that influences us in our views of Apocalypse. There’s a number of fiction and non-fiction books floating around that talks about the “Last Days” and “The Rapture” that are written by writers professing to be Christian Believers. Additionally, we get writers that say they are prophesying a particular event they think going to occur and some even say it will be on a specific date. This occurred not to long ago when an exact day was mentioned. Obviously there are at least a few of us still around, so the Church hasn’t gone off to meet Y’shuaJesus in the air yet.

Referring to all these “Christian” books, a pastor I once worked with put it this way, “G-d’s read all the books, and He isn’t gonna do it that way, either.” That pretty much sums up the gamut of views on the End Times. And since I mentioned “Rapture” I would include it.

ApocalypseSomething to think about: The word Apocalypse comes from the Greek word meaning un-covering. It means revelation. The Book of of Revelation reveals the mystery of Y’shuaJesus, Messiah. Praise the LORD!

Think about it. Lord willin’ I shall be back. Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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