Floods and Devistation in Malawi


Yesterday I received an email from Renewal Fellowship Ministries

From: Maranatha Churches in MALAWI:


On 24th February, 2013 Pastors from different places visited the damaged home of their senior Pastor Peter Timothy Fungulani for prayers & discussing way forward to help the homeless Pastor.

Before everything the meeting was opened by a prayer given by Pastor Noah from Mozambique, then a 74years old Pastor Hassan from Nsanje give people word of God from the book of Genesis 12:1-3—-He tells the attendee that our present Abraham is Pastor Peter & if we show love /support/ bless him then the Lord will also help us in other ways in our critical situation.
-Due to heavy damage caused to the house all Pastors were deeply touched & agreed to discuss way forward to assist our dear Pastor , & A lot contributed this:

There are some men who are builders they volunteered to build the house of Man of God Pastor Peter without paid their heart is breeding to see the Pastor homeless.

Three Pastor in the meeting are timber/lumber makers they promised to give 10timbers/lumbers each & if the house needs more then they shall charge those new ordered half down to the actual price.

When these news was broke to the gathering at Tengani (a place where Pastor Peter normally based) almost 127strong Women (excluding Widows but they too promised to take part)promised to carry water from the borehole to the place where the house is intended to built freely.

Youth group promised to carry bricks from the old place to the newly allocated .
Pastor Peter is not a father to his family only he is also the father to Orphans ,Widows ,Pastors & even when Lord allows you to visit us you shall sleep in this house & we pray & intend to build a house to have enough rooms ,& with the damage caused to house some bricks are not in good shape we just need to buy 2000more bricks for the house.
The builder intend to build a strong building & they need 5 bags of Cement .

There is a need for tins / iron sheets for roofing the house.
With prayers & fasting ,
Pastor Hassan Chikalango——On behalf of all Pastors in Malawi.
Pastor Noah Dimmingoh—— On behalf of all Pastors in Mozambique


Peter & Emily MALAWIPastor Peter Timothy Fungulani and his lovely wife, Emily, are blessed with three children and is called by God as an evangelist. Pastor Peter and has a passion to win souls for Christ. He has been the Senior Pastor of Maranatha Pentecostal Churches since 2008. They have churches in Malawi and Mozambique.


Lord Bless Pastor Peter and his family during this time of rebuilding. Lord Bless all those who have come to his assistance.

Lord Bless, Keep, and Shine upon you all.

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