Christian Abundant Life Ministries, Wobulenzi, Uganda–Part One

Rev. Kasibante Peter has shared some interesting information about Wobulenzi, Uganda, where his church is located.

Geographical Information
Wobulenzi is located about 32 mi (51 km) north of Kampala, the Ugandan capitol. While the population in 2002 was about 18,000, it has grown to about 28,000 today. Wobulenzi is on the Kampala-Masindi highway at the T-junction of the Wobulenzi-Kasawo road, which runs east from Wobulenzi.

“The gentle sloping landscape favors mechanization, construction, and farming, with a planned settlement as well. The land is drained by swamps,” said Rev. Kasibante. “We have two seasons of high rainfall received in March up to may and then August to December with a minimum 500 per annum.”

Income Generation
“Ways people earn income in our community are basically in agricultural activities,” said Rev. Kasibante.

“Crop farming, e.g., coffee, vanilla, tea, cocoa, and cotton are grown for cash.
Food crops are beans, soya beans, cow peas, Cassava, matooke, banana, rice, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, among other, used for domestic consumption and excess can be sold to earn money as well.

“Animal husbandry: the animals are reared but on small scale among few farmers due to lack of land and finances. Cattles reared are cows,goats and sheep.

“Poultry: the birds kept on poultry in our area especially the farmers like the layers and local chicken on free range system is still common among local peasant farmers. Other birds include pigeons,turkey and ducks that are kept along side chicken.

“Piggery [raising pigs] is also a very common agricultural activity carried out in my area that brings out quick money.

“The tree planting project with seedling beds made develop clonal cuttings in a tree seedling for planting in the plantation, therefore the farmers sell the seedlings to the buyers from other tree plantations developing areas in community.

“Vegetables farming this include tomatoes, egg plants, cabbages ,carrots, onions, garlic, cucumber, earns farmers daily money.”

Rev. Kasibante may be contacted at:

Rev. Kasibante Peter
Christian Abundant Life Ministries
P.O.BOX 166
East Africa

He welcomes monetary assistance to help activities at the primary school operated by the ministry. The school will be discussed in subsequent articles.

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