Prime-Time Television & Inappropriate Content

In a recent post at Thinking Out Loud, Mr. Paul Wilkerson shares his dismay that a particular television show contains inappropriate material and is aired during television’s prime-time hours.

“U.S. network prime time begins when locally produced or locally acquired programming ends at 7:59 and runs to 10:59 before local news. The first hour, from 8:00 to 9:00 was once called ‘the family hour,’ ” he wrote in Superstore on NBC: Not a Family Shopping Experience.

Mr. Wilkerson says he’s “not the type of person to get into Moral Majority-styled rants about the filth on TV and calling for networks to cancel shows and everyone else to boycott sponsors.”

“I don’t understand how NBC continues to get away with showing this at 8:00 pm,” he wrote.

One comment Mr. Wilkinson received echoed the sentiment of “how can they get away with it.”

I agree with Mr. Wilkinson that these shows do not belong in a “family-time” slot, such as the 8 to 9 pm time.

My comment to Mr. Wilkinson’s column states:

Hum. Networks “get away with it” when we, the people, simply do nothing. What’s wrong with a little boycott? Not just “not watching” the program, but work to change all “prime-time” programs back to a more family-centered experience. Boycotting sponsors goes a long way toward making one’s voice heard. Yet how do we define “family-centered”? Perhaps the scenes described are the new family-centered experience.

Today the voice against immorality on television is but a small voice crying in a wilderness. Our current American culture is neither the culture of our fathers and mothers nor is it the culture of our grandfathers and grandmothers. The American culture has become degraded; the American culture is on the verge of falling.

“Father Knows Best” and “Leave it to Beaver” have made way for “Modern Family” and the altered reality of “Reality TV.” There is no longer a “moral majority” in America. There is only the immoral majority.

America can change, however. There is hope. The American people have to want to change, have to see the current situation as it is, that it is not what it ought to be, what it could be. Americans must turn to the G-D of Israel, through His Son YeshuaJesus.

When Jonah preached a country turned from its ways, turned to G-D, and was saved.

L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


What do you think?

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