Prime-Time Television & Inappropriate Content

In a recent post at Thinking Out Loud, Mr. Paul Wilkerson shares his dismay that a particular television show contains inappropriate material and is aired during television’s prime-time hours. “U.S. network prime time begins when locally produced or locally acquired programming ends at 7:59 and runs to 10:59 before local news. The first hour, from … More Prime-Time Television & Inappropriate Content

“Everyone’s a Winner!”

“Everyone’s a Winner!” Sounds like a hawker at the county fair, enticing folks to play games for prizes. It was also the motto of the soccer league two of my kids played in for six years while in elementary school. The league was run by a local church, and followed a pattern

Anyone understand?

The weather reports that hurricane Nate made a second landfall in Biloxi, MS, just after midnight today. It’s now downgraded to a tropical depression as it heads inland. This is the third hurricane to ravage America’s coast since the Eclipse in September 21, 2017. And since then there has been a terrible mass murder in … More Anyone understand?

No New Things. . .

Google the phrase “nothing new under the sun.” I did. Wikipedia pops up in the top of the list directing to its page where I discover it’s the name of an album. Vinyl no less. There is nothing new under the sun, by a Missouri group, Coalesce. Amazon offers books that some how, the Google … More No New Things. . .

In a world turned upside down. . .

. . . anything is possible: “Clergy” pray together to bless murder, protect murderers. A report from October 18, 2015, on Christian News demonstrates the depravity of some religious officials in the United States. The report from Cleveland, Ohio, begins: “A group of approximately 15 apostate United Methodist, Episcopal and Jewish clergy recently gathered outside … More In a world turned upside down. . .

“When you cannot be safe in God’s place of worship, where can you be safe?”

Fox News reports that “A pistol-packing pastor shot and killed a man who was allegedly trying to attack him with a brick on Sunday in the vestibule of a Detroit church, police said. “Cops say Deante Smith, 25, attacked the unidentified pastor and threatened several parishioners of The City of God church with a brick … More “When you cannot be safe in God’s place of worship, where can you be safe?”