Questionable Broadcast Content

This evening I hung a wire indoors between two windows and wrapped one end around the antenna on my amateur radio hand-held radio–the one that also receives shortwave broadcasts.

I tuned around and found a lot of Spanish-language stations, a women interviewing another woman about Jazz with a Chinese element added, and then an Adventist Radio broadcast. I looked for some of the Christian broadcasts that I’d read about. Then I came to an announcer talking about tomorrow’s rally in Washington, D.C. I looked up the frequency that I’d tuned on shortwave station locator app on my android cell phone. It was from WWCQ, broadcasting from the State of Maine. This broadcast was on 7420 KHz (7.420MHz).

I’d heard a bit about this broadcaster; mostly that air time was reasonably priced and open to anyone who wants an hour on the air. The website for WWCQ posts its broadcast schedule. The program I’d tuned into turned out to be Jeffrey Daugherty’s UNidoctrinate Yourself. According to his website, which is subtitled “The Christian Whistleblower,” Mr. Daugherty is a former Christian minister of twenty years as well as a graduate of a Bible College. He also, according to the website, has over 100,000 hours of studying the Bible.

Mr. Daugherty’s experience and study “bring credibility to his stating that the bible keeps people locked in a Fear & Guilt Blood-Magick Mind Control Matrix. Mr. Daugherty will help “UNindoctrinate regarding Religion, ‘Scientific’ fallacies and the accepted Historical record–and to CREATE YOURSELF and live the life you’ll love through White Dianetics.”

Y’all see any red flags?

Pretty obvious, I’d say. But not everyone is so openly non-Christian. That’s exactly why Pastor Li (see previous article on JonahzSong Christian Fellowship is Booming; Zooming) said “there could be problems as believers became increasingly reliant on online materials that had been shared by sources from around the world. There had been cases in which believers “wrongly interpreted” certain concepts or became misled by cults that had elements of Christianity.

L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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