Pakistan Court to Reconsider Murdering Asia Bibi

Pakistan’s Supreme Court to reconsider its decision to “quash” the blasphemy conviction and execution sentence of Asia Bibi. “Pakistan’s supreme court quashed her 2010 conviction and death sentence in October, in a case that had drawn worldwide outcry from Church groups. But after days of protests by hardline Islamist clerics, Imran Khan agreed to allow … More Pakistan Court to Reconsider Murdering Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi–Update

“She spends her days in seclusion for fear of being targeted by angry mobs clamoring for her death. In her hideout, she longs for her children who were taken to Canada for their safety.” VOA News. While Ms. Bibi’s continued imprisonment stands as a witness against Islam, and its tenants and intolerance, it also stands … More Asia Bibi–Update

Asia Bibi’s Christmas

“Asia Bibi will celebrate Christmas under guard as she remains a prime target in conservative Muslim-majority Pakistan,” according to SBS News. “It’s too dangerous… People want to kill her,” said Yousaf Hadayat, a resident from one of Islamabad’s impoverished Christian ghettos. . . (From the article) May G-D have Mercy!

Apparently Nobody Wants An Illiterate Couple With Five Kids

Even though Asia Bibi will certainly be murdered in Pakistan if she is not evacuated soon. Ms. Bibi and her husband are Christians; they are the parents of five children; they are illiterate. The Bibi’s, since Ms. Bibi’s arrest in 2010, have received help from Mr. Joseph Nadeem and Family. The Nadeem family has been and … More Apparently Nobody Wants An Illiterate Couple With Five Kids

Asia Bibi: Update and Comments

Refugee status for Ms. Bibi has been squashed by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, according to CBN. Ms. May is concerned about upsetting British Muslims. Furthermore, the article states: “May’s indifference about Bibi has angered many people in the UK. According to the website Jihad Watch, May’s government has welcomed two jihad preachers, who praised the … More Asia Bibi: Update and Comments

Cleared Of Blasphemy; Mobs Demand Death

Last week, Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi Pakistani was cleared of blasphemy charges. JonahzSong has previously carried posts about her imprisonment. Ms. Bibi spent over eight years on death row for alleged crimes against Islam’s Prophet. Today, at Paul Thinking Out Loud  there is a link to an article at Religious News Service that reports “Yes TV, Canada’s … More Cleared Of Blasphemy; Mobs Demand Death


Every so often, a compilation of emails sent to Renewal Ministry Fellowship of Australia is sent out. The emails contain many reports of the work of G-d in India, the Middle East, and Africa. The emails also report of the destruction of Christians’ property, restrictions on Christian ministry, and persecution of our brothers and sisters … More Martyrs

Christian Faith in Peril; Some Stand Up for Jesus

It was sometime in the mid-1980s, I drove down the the Bay Area for some weekend shifts at an ambulance company. I worked the psych ambulance, handling psychiatric patients. There was a man I transported that seemed genuine in his desires to know more about Jesus. Off duty, I visited him at the psychiatric facility … More Christian Faith in Peril; Some Stand Up for Jesus

U.S. Elections Results may be Dangerous for Christians Worldwide

I read Dr. Dobson’s article on “What’s at stake” [Please read it for yourself.] for the election when it was first published. I took a look at the article again yesterday evening, and it’s as relevant today as it was three months ago. I particularly enjoyed the way Dr. Dobson takes a look at the various turning … More U.S. Elections Results may be Dangerous for Christians Worldwide