You are Welcome. Enjoy your Stay. Leave Money. Then Leave.

After graduating college with a degree in Journalism, we all went our ways out into the world. A friend went to a small newspaper in a very small town in Oregon. She knew she’d be better welcomed if she bought a car there, rather than flaunting California license plates, or tags as we say in … More You are Welcome. Enjoy your Stay. Leave Money. Then Leave.

Random Acts. . .

And what exactly was Lot doing in Sodom, anyway? Was he persevering with Random Acts of Kindness? Did he try to organize various community service projects? Lot, along with his immediate family, were the only ones found worth salvaging out of the slime pit of iniquity that had become Sodom. It was so bad there … More Random Acts. . .

Random Acts. . .

Iniquity abounds in this world in which we reside. Iniquity is no longer a random act; it seems it is the norm. We must know we are merely strangers here. We must believe in our hearts that we are new creatures, reborn through Y’shuaJesus’s redemptive act of enduring kindness. While we walk, through various trials … More Random Acts. . .

Random Acts of Kindness

For the past several years a television station in Atlanta, Georgia, has encouraged “Random Acts of Kindness” throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. This month, Georgia’s governor has taken up the cause, and established a day promoting “Random Acts of Kindness” throughout the entire state of Georgia. A local high school has a community service requirement … More Random Acts of Kindness