Mr. Mayhem’s New Year’s Resolution

For the first few weeks of the New Year, a television commercial depicting Mr. Mayhem has made a New Year’s Resolution—no longer will he cause wanton destruction of property and life. It’s a nice touch, grabbing one’s eye immediately. It’s a real contrast to previous commercials where Mr. Mayhem causes, well, mayhem. Then just this … More Mr. Mayhem’s New Year’s Resolution


In less than a month American’s throughout the world will celebrate Thanksgiving. Here in the U.S.A. it mostly means stuffing turkeys, roasting them, and then stuffing ourselves with them. Later we’d try to make room for

Luck Denier

“Good luck, man,” he said as his friend walked out the door on his way to a job interview. “Thanks, I need all I can get,” the man responded.


Down here in Georgia, the sun shines most days, there’s plenty of moon shining at night, and we can still find good moonshine. We’re also in the Bible belt, so Son Shine is what’s really important, and we enjoy it day and night while we can. In Response to The Daily Post Prompt: Shine


The Daily Post, Daily Writing Prompt: Specific The Christmas Season is over today for those folks who wait until the Feast of Three Kings or Orthodox Christmas to call it over. The New Years is well under way, and I suppose most of those well-meaning resolutions are already broken,