A pastor in Pakistan wrote the following letter:

I think END TIME started since 2013 beginning in Pakistan.
I personally visited Joseph Colony and talked to the people about the number of homes burned in this tragic incident, but exact number is missing, yet Govt. will prepare 257 homes there.

This is a pure Christian colony, only one Muslim family was staying there at rent with a Christian family, and at last this association become a conflict, and it created such a terrible incident.

Thursday last[7th March] both of these families quarrel with each other at drinking table and insulted and humiliated, blaming and abusing each other, and in the end it become Blaspheme. The very Christian person Sawan Masih was arrested under rule, he was in police station at that time, mean while it was planned by Muslims and police requested the people to exit the colony and save themselves. People do so and took refuge in their relatives homes in Lahore considering we will come back when all the matter will resume.
After 36 hours the mob gathered and they have a special ammunition  material with them as well as equipped with guns, revolvers, and all type of arms run over the colony. They looted first and then set fire each home, not a single left.

The mob looted their household things first, and which they could not able to take with them they burned at the place. The burned things are TVs, Fridges, Washing machines, Almarahs, sewing machines, bikes, cycles, boxes, clothes, household utensils, wooden beds, blankets and quilts, gas pipe lines and electricity connections, fans burned and melted on the ceiling, double and triple stories buildings are destroyed in such a manner that they are no more in use. Iron was melted and bricks were in powder form.

Government has announced to make new homes for them, and PKR 500000/= as help. Now people from all over Pakistan visit them and serve the with food and other necessities of life. Even Govt. is also providing necessities of life for them. At this time they are sitting and living in tents provided to them by different agencies.

They all are needy so being brothers and sisters in Christ we must help  them and pray for them.
In Him

[Name Withheld for the Pastor’s Protection]

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